28 June 2007

News but not good

My blog has been orphaned for long and I've been MIA. There's reason.

I've decided to suspend my MBA plan for a while now for personal reasons beyond the scope of this blog. While, I'd communicated this to a couple of blogger friends personally, I want to share this with the rest of all of you.

The journey on and through the blogoshpere has been very exciting indeed and I am glad of having known so many wonderful people. Folks, thank you all for being so cheerful and hope to see me back on this when I have resumed the B-School journey. I wont have a lot of B-School things and happenings to post about so this blog would be dormat for a some while. Do drop me a line here so that we can be in touch.

For everyone who's starting school this fall, here are best wishes for a rocking and exciting couple of years ahead and for everyone going through the application process, here's a wishing you all the best of luck for the application. If there's anything I could help with, do send me a note.

25 April 2007

Told'em !!

Yes, finally I told my manager that the recommendations he wrote and the interview he helped me prep resulted into an admit. I had anticipated some mixed feelings, but I was glad to see him happy for me. WOW ! He's been one of the better people I've worked with and though I have not put in my papers officially, I felt morally compelled to tell him 2 months in advance so that he, my team and the customer all have time enough plan for projects.

Ok, so the tougher part is done, but list of to-do doesn't seem scary at the moment , I've decided on my housing, almost decided on my room-mate, have been talking to an interesting mentor and will send in my FRS and documents tomorrow so all that remains is sit back and plan one more Heritage tour. I know I am sounding like a freak but that's the whole thing about diversity !


23 April 2007

What's up with Inblue ?

Don't ask !

She was working crazy on a project she working on. She's so scared to talk to her manager and tell him that she's gonna leave soon. She got her Chicago Enrollment packet but still to open it and read it ! She took time off to go to one of World Heritage Sites ( Ajanta Ellora caves) she always wanted to go to.

Work has been crazy to the extent that I am in office until the very last hour before I catch by bus for my vacation, hardly any time to pack. That does not mean everything is bad at work. Rather this has been a good professional year for me and the results and rewards have been great as well. Alas ! This only complicates things when I'll go to my manager( who has been very supportive of my MBA application process) and tell him I am going to quit. :(

After almost a week of time off, and a great time off, I'm still to put in efforts to see what's happening in my Chicago world. But for now, its very thing non MBA. Ajanta and Ellora was one of the best holidays I've ever had in life till date. Never learnt, never lamented and never excited at once in a single moment ever in my life. The paintings and carvings( some of them are intact from 2nd century B. C) will leave you dumbfounded at the skill of the monks who created them.

On another note, what happened in Virginia Tech was so gruesome and scary. Makes me think, does Education always enlighten and mature people?

On the MBA front, I still need to check the Enrollement Packet Chicago sent and fillout the FRS to get that I-20.


07 April 2007

BoB !!

So there this blog was nominated for the Clear Admit Best of Blogging.. I mean WOW ! I just thought I was ranting away all my B-School application thoughts and all that. I mean really ! Never knew I'd be here.

Thank you folks at Clear Admit, its been a good feeling. I've known so many more things and wonderful people through this network!


28 March 2007

Whoa ! For Forrest !

Forrest navigated the WL at Chicago to be admitted.

Hey, pardon me for breaking this news before you could do it yourself ( if i am doing it early enough ) . You deserve this for your perseverance and patience ! Welcome to the class of 2009.


22 March 2007


Yes, I finally sent my deposit and other documents to Chicago last week.

I also pondered upon the housing and logistics in chicago.I enjoy city life and am leaning more towards downtown but the decison is far from being made.

I've have been MIA but really there has been nothing interesting happening unless you want to the absolutely trifle.I am suffering from a seasonal afflition with Economics,enjoying my leisure otherwise and scribbling things on the other side of the MBA world. Check out the other me.

Another thing I need to act upon soon ( sometime next month) is breaking ice with my manager on my departure.Unfortunately my team is not in good health right now, which only means I'll need to give my off-shore team enough notice and plan for transition.


19 February 2007

An incredible journey

At the end of 9 months, irrespective of the destination I have to confess that what I have enjoyed most is the journey.

How 3 years ago with a close friend and I began to think of an MBA in down town mumbai - the banking district of India, how I slogged through the GMAT. ( I am seriously not a good test taker, 6 years ago I screwed my GRE in a similar manner), the relentless soul searching, school choosing, debating with friends and my reviewers on what a good essay is, whats bad about me,chasing my recommenders though we sit across the cube, freaking out on people close to me when I couldn't keep up the schedule, kicking myself when I wrote bad, cribbing about mind-blocks but ultimately completing applications and then panicking about interview calls, fretting infinitely an hour before submission and interview and then niggling about missing admit calls. I hope the years to come we'll see a book "The ultimate roller-coaster ride-An MBA applicant's confessions ".

Anyway, in all, it has been a wonderful experience. At different stages in life, I have drowned myself into a lot of things , Mainframes ( that's where the inblue comes from - translated to awed by the 'big blue'), into Nicholas Sparks books or into making that perfect cup of mint tea but MBA has been a different saga altogether. Probably, because, planning an MBA during these months ( which have been the most challenging for reasons beyond the scope of this blog), I have come closer to the meaning of 'I'.

Looking back at the year that was there was so much good, so much not so good and so much I really didn't want to happen, but then everything passed making me biased or lets say overwhelmingly objective at times and yet supremely dejected and pessimistic at other times.
Its been equally wonderful reading everyone's anxieties, fears, progress and ultimately celebrating their admits and coping with dings ( which continues).

Folks, Thank you all for watching the race and being there to cheer and support while you yoursleves were racing.